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The Search for the Scepter
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The Search for the Scepter Retail Release Date: December 1, 2020


Written by: Julie Dinges
Illustrated by: Nazar Horokhivskyi
ISBN: 978-1-64543-008-7

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Editorial Reviews


Midwest Book Review

Picture book readers ages 3-12 will find The Search for the Scepter an appealing fantasy about young princesses Rosalie and Scarlet, who embark on a mission when the king's scepter is stolen, one night.
A rollicking rhyme explains the break-in, the missing scepter, and how the two decide to become proactive in returning it. This lends nicely to read-aloud fun as parents review the bright, colorful illustrations that reveal the young heroines' problem-solving abilities as they follow clues to recover their property.
A romp through the royal countryside ensues. They encounter unicorns, genies, mermaid palaces, and all the fantasy trappings that will enthrall young picture book fantasy readers.
Nazar Horokhivskyi's gorgeous drawings power this exploration as the two princesses get into trouble and learn many extraordinary new things during the course of their journey.
Young picture book readers (and, especially, parents looking for colorful, original read-alouds) will find The Search for the Scepter a fitting story of courage, determination, and world wonders that ultimately provides lessons about finding support and friendships in unexpected places.


Story Monsters Ink

Quests and magic thrill the imagination, providing a healthy staple for creativity. A thief has entered the palace and stolen the king’s scepter. Finding a tiny clue, the king’s young daughters know just what to do. And…the adventure begins! Follow them as their determination leads them through their magical kingdom. A great story of bravery, determination, and loss and recovery. (Ages 8-12)


Readers' Favorite

Two young princesses, Rosalie and Scarlet, are awakened one night when a thief breaks in and steals the King’s scepter! These two girls find their courage when they see a clue pointing them in the direction the thief may have gone. Genies and mermaids, wizards, and unicorns are just a few of the helpful beings that Rosalie and Scarlet encounter on their quest. Despite the mystical beings offering help to the two young princesses, they always seem to be one step behind the thief. Will princesses Rosalie and Scarlet be able to get the scepter back to its rightful owner? The Search for the Scepter by Julie Dinges is an enchanting tale that will bring a bit of magic into your home.

As a frequent reader of children’s literature, I am always pleased to see rhyme so excellently executed. Author Julie Dinges has created a beautiful story about two young princesses, Rosalie and Scarlet, who set out to do the right thing, even though it’s a little scary. Children’s books often incorporate elements of magic and wonder, but few do so as beautifully as The Search for the Scepter. Rosalie and Scarlet encounter many mystical beings during their search for the elusive thief, all of which are wonderfully designed and uniquely imaginative. The illustrations, done by Nazar Horokhivskyi, colorfully bring the story to life. Julie Dinges has created a one of a kind work in The Search for the Scepter, and I look forward to seeing if Rosalie and Scarlet find themselves in more adventures in future books. Well done!

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